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Bellus Domina brand features timeless, opulent cocktail jewellery pieces with a unique spin that come from generations of incredible family stories. The label was co-created by a mother and daughter duo and their brand reflects a passion for cocktail jewellery wearing traditions. Its cutting-edge concept compels jewellery lovers to be adventurous by putting them into the spotlight, wearing jewellery with personality. 

Bellus Domina’s collections feature carefully curated statement pieces and exciting collaborations with talented artisans and jewellery makers. There are four different ranges, City, Hunt, Gala and Voyage. The pieces are made from precious metals, set with an array of fabulous gemstones. Each individual range is designed to dress today’s woman on different occasions and also to stand out from the crowd. The jewellery collections are as awe-inspiring as the stories that gave it life! 


 C I T Y 

The City line by Bellus Domina features a generous collection of playful yet urban cocktail jewellery pieces designed for everyday wear.  Each piece has been carefully created with the modern woman in mind; the jewellery is undeniably contemporary with angular shapes that are gently softened and combined with intricate gemstone detail. While these pieces are for daytime wear, they are also show-stopping jewels that will gain many admiring glances. Strong, iconic and individual they inspire confidence and are easily adaptable, you can wear them to business meeting and equally wear them out in the evening, their unique personality takes you seamlessly from day to night.


The extraordinary Hunt line of cocktail jewellery is especially designed for Rock Chicks, women with a fashion-forward look that love bold, exciting and exuberant cocktail jewellery pieces. The eye-catching collection features killer details, individual fluid shapes with elements of fierce nature. It’s also strong, powerful and yet fun all at the same time. The collection was created to give outfits a truly individual finishing touch so that the wearer stands out from the crowd. The Hunt collection’s pieces are daring and bold with plenty of quirky detail making them incredibly appealing, so that they demand flattering attention. 


The Gala line is designed for flamboyant style, pieces the wearer cannot wait to show off. It is a cocktail range inspired by family heirlooms and is especially for the woman who wants to adorn herself with artful objects, transforming her look into something breathtaking and awe-inspiring. The intricately detailed pieces of jewellery are especially striking - sensational jewels that should be reserved for evening wear and special occasions as they instantly draw the eye and excite. Gala is magnificently inventive, as well as being sophisticated and lavishly luxurious.  Imagine Hollywood glamour with a distinctive modern twist.  Every element of the Gala collection is independently iconic and show-stopping and when worn, demands admiration.  


The Voyage line cocktail jewellery collection encapsulates the free spirited woman that yearns to explore her passions and the beauty of nature around her.  For her, jewellery is far more than just an accessory.  It is colourful, bright, bold and interesting – a collection that never follows the crowd but rather paves its own way, therefore making the jewellery an intimate, personal experience.  Ethnic designs, floral displays and rich, vibrant shades make this a lively range that instantly dresses up an outfit and adds a splash of dancing colour and theatrical drama. Our Voyage line pays homage to the natural world and the importance of respecting the environment in which we live in, to protect it for future generations.

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