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Welcome to Bellus Domina


We are powered by a mother and daughter duo passionate about cocktail jewellery that tells stories and excites. Inspired by fashion, art and historic moments, we encourage a more liberating, less conventional attitude to cocktail jewellery.

Bellus Domina never follows the crowd but rather paves its own way, therefore making the jewellery an intimate, personal experience. The slogan ‘Walk Like a Panther’ represents confidence, grace and independence. That is very much what defines the life-enhancing glamour of our collections.


 Cocktail Jewellery 

When cocktail jewellery first became popular during Prohibition in the Roaring 20s, they were championed by rebellious women at the underground cocktail parties. It served the profound urge for self-adornment and empowerment. Our collections recognise the sentimental value of statement pieces and offer a contemporary take on old-world elegance.


Our Unique Concept

The life of a modern woman requires easy-to-wear statement pieces for every occasion. Our cutting-edge concept of City, Hunt, Gala and Voyage collections takes you seamlessly from day to night. Each piece has been carefully created with the modern woman in mind; the jewellery is undeniably contemporary with angular shapes that are gently softened and combined with intricate gemstone details. Strong, iconic and individual they inspire confidence and are easily adaptable.


Committed to Quality

We produce our jewellery with 925 sterling silver, gold, colourful gemstones and other unique materials from various corners of the world. Our pieces are stamped with hallmarks indicating the purity of the metal and the responsibility mark of Bellus Domina.

Bellus Domina prides itself on excellent quality and strong customer relationships. All our jewellery pieces are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and inspected thoroughly before shipment. The manufacturing of our jewellery combines industrial technologies and handcraft expertise. We select partners who are committed to producing premium quality jewellery and have extensive experience in the jewellery making industry.